Who are we?

NYC Vaccine List was launched on January 13, 2021 with a simple goal: get more people vaccinated, especially those who need help navigating the information maze. We gather appointments from multiple sites into one list so you won't have to visit them individually.

Site development is led by Dan Benamy and Cameron Yick. Outreach is led by Michael Kuznetsov.

These folks keep the data clear, correct, and flowing to people on and off the internet on an ongoing basis: Sharon, Carolyn Ruvkun, Dudie Silberman, Gabe Paley, Graham Lesko, Chris Whong, Kenisha, Natasha Porter, Doug Daniels, and Angelica Chen.

We're grateful for additional contributions from Jason Fogel, Philipp Tsipman, Ethan Cohen, Sam, Glen Robertson, Mona, David Utt, Jiyeon Kang, , Jesse Sands, and others. Gaeb Cardinale designed our logo and animations for LinkNYC.

Organizations supporting us: FactoryPR supports us on PR outreach and comms strategy. Vercel provides site hosting. Mapbox provided the technology used for our maps. Datadog provides infrastructure and software monitoring. ChangeTower alerts us when select websites change.

If you'd like to get involved with our effort, you can drop a note in the feedback form with your email.

Select Project Updates

  • 11/16: Ceased updating vaccine statuses, moved legacy home page to /index-legacy
  • 05/25: Launch campaign with LinkNYC to display vaccine availability on 1800+ screens around the city
  • 05/03: Added a search page for walk-up locations
  • 04/25: Added email notifications service
  • 04/21: Add vaccine type filters to main search page
  • 04/12: Add crawlers for local pharmacies, Costco, Walmart, Health Mart, etc via Vaccine Spotter
  • 3/28: Added additional pharmacies (Rite-aid, CVS, independents)
  • 3/10: Add system for tweeting availability
  • 3/03: Display total # of locations and appointments in vaccine search results
  • 2/27: Add filter for toggling visibility of pharmacy locations, e.g. exclude pharmacies
  • 2/26: Tracking 200+ locations
  • 2/23: Tracking 120 locations total, with particular emphasis on pharmacies and adding geographies around NYC (Westchester, Long Island).
  • 2/20: Add details about wheelchair access + vaccine manufacturer for select locations.
  • 2/19: Automated the geocoding process to get coordinates for the map
  • 2/17: Added a map view of locations to the homepage
  • 2/14: Add controls to filter second dose appointments, e.g. exclude second doses
  • 2/13: Add "How we get the data" page
  • 2/12: Major updates to Vax4NYC, make each row more compact to reduce scrolling
  • 2/10: Add multiple locations in Nassau, Suffolk
  • 2/08: Indicate clearly when linking to external sites, tracking ~60 locations
  • 2/06: Enable site in other languages. For example in Spanish. Add rotating contributor banner.
  • 2/04: Enable filtering locations by geography, e.g. Manhattan
  • 2/01: Add translation (see the Language button in top right corner) and accessibility enhancements (screen reader, contrast, aria tags, etc). Accessibility (a11y) is a journey not a destination, please reach out if you have ideas for how we can improve.
  • 1/29: Migrate site to Next.js app
  • 1/28: Compile success stories, begin using manually checked data sources
  • 1/27: Collect data from 46 sites in total
  • 1/25: Fix NYS DoH Crawler to filter out phantom appointments
  • 1/24: Add 4 more NYS DOH locations.
  • 1/20: Add 6 Nassau locations, joined forces with Sharon from Vaccinesitefinder
  • 1/19: Add some uncrawlable sites to FAQ. Aggregate data from about 30 locations that have or will have Covid vaccine.
  • 1/17: Add Aqueduct Racetrack, Westchester County, and Jones Beach
  • 1/16: First post on social media
  • 1/15: Basic mobile functionality
  • 1/11: Begin building